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To send you just indicate the city of departure and the city of destination, you will have the list of all travelers ready to leave in the next days, then find an agreement for the price and place of delivery of the goods via our chat. Once the agreement is concluded, all you have to do is pay on African Post and go to the meeting place to hand over the goods to the traveler.

I want to transport

For you traveler it's very simple, check your profile, indicate your city of departure and destination, add your type of transportation and the price per kilogram you ask for. You will then be contacted by senders, find an agreement on the final price and the meeting place. Once the agreement is concluded, the sender will pay the amount on AfricanPost. You will then receive an email from African Post that confirm the reception of the payment, so you can recover the good, check its conformity, take the coordinates of the recipient and travel! Once at the destination, hand over the property to the person the sender has indicated to you, confirm the delivery on African Post and receive your profit on your bank account.   

I wish to send by container

To send by container you just have to indicate your city departure as well as that of destination, you will have the list of all the professional carriers available for a shipment by container towards your destination. Contact the carrier by container via our platform, exchange together all the necessary information for the good shipments of your property. Once the agreement is found you have to pay on AfricanPost and bring your goods to the Professional Carrier.

I wish to transport by container

To transport by container you must be a company and be registered in the country from which you propose your service.Verify your PROfessional profile, indicate your city of departure and destination, the price per m3 you offer.You will then be contacted by individuals, set a meeting place for the recovery of goods, deadlines and any other necessary information. Once the agreement is concluded the shipper will pay the total amount of the shipping charges on African Post you will then be notified of the correct receipt of the payment. Go to your meeting place, collect the goods and transport it.Your payment will arrive directly to your bank account once the service is completed.


Express Shipping

AfricanPost allows you to deliver your parcel worldwide in less than 48 hours with our collaborative system we can put in relation senders and travellers ready for an imminent departure!


Economical & Benefit

For you sender? Enjoy unbeatable prices & save up to 80% on all your shipments.For you traveler? Make magic and turn the empty space of your suitcases into pocket money for your stay :).



Preserve our planet! African Post is for ecology, by using our services, you also contribute to the maintenance of our environment.


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AfricanPost is a revolutionary collaborative system that guarantees fast delivery with maximum efficiency.



Pay safely thanks to our secure system set up, the payment of the traveler will be blocked until reception of the parcel by your contact in the city of destination.



For any assistance, our teams are there to help you to contact us via email at the following address Contact@africanpost.fr.