How it works ?

You have a package to send to your relatives in Africa but the shipping costs are more expensive than the package?

You have a planned flight to Africa, and you would like to recover a part of the price of your ticket? If you answered yes to one of these two questions,then sign up now on our large collaborative platform Africanpost, for the connection between travellers and applicants! So, in concrete terms, how does it work?


Applicant: via our Africanpost website, you choose who will transport your parcel!

Here's how it works for applicants who want to send a parcel:

Do you have a package to send?


Go to our website and create an announcement about your package.

Get in touch with travellers.


Contact travellers who wish to transport packages to the desired destination.

Entrust your package to the traveller!


Set up an appointment with the carrier you have chosen and entrust him with your package!

So you choose who you entrust your package to! This means you know who will take your goods to the destination, without any risk of unpleasant surprises!

Traveller: on Africanpost, choose to transport the packages you want!

For travellers too, the procedure is easy and quick:

Do you have a trip planned?


Go to our website and create your traveler file.

Choose the packages to be transported.


Consult the published shipping requests and choose to transport one or more of them.

Get the package from your sender!


Set an appointment with the chosen sender and retrieve his package, after checking its contents

So you choose who you entrust your package to! This means you know who will take your goods to the destination, without any risk of unpleasant surprises!

Useful advice for travellers and applicants

When exchanging the package, you must ensure the identity of the member present. So remember to ask for the identity document of the person in front of you, to be sure that it is the same person you have spoken with via our site.

If in any case, you have the slightest doubt about the traveller, do not hesitate to cancel the transaction, even at the last moment: it is better to exchange that does not take place than a package that disappears... Similarly in case of problems with your package (theft, loss, breakage...), remember to let us know so that we can avoid any new problems for the other members of the site. Thus, trust links will be created within our platform, so that you can entrust or retrieve a package in complete security!

Always also check your interlocutor's flight ticket. It is the same principle as for the identity document, it is about verifying that the person who will pick up your package goes to the destination indicated at the beginning, because the goal is for your package to reach its destination safely! Ask your carrier to come, on the day of the exchange, with his ID AND flight ticket!

It is therefore essential that travellers systematically check the contents of the package before picking it up. Here is the list of products to avoid:

  • - Weapons of all types (firearms, knives, etc.);
  • - Electrolyte and lithium batteries (see regulations for batteries > 160 Wh);
  • - Explosive products and objects: fireworks, firecrackers, firecrackers, flares, firebricks, tear gas, dummy pistols, lighters, matches and other small fuels;
  • - Flammable liquids, solids and/or gases: gas cylinders, oxygen diving cylinders, industrial lacquer, varnish or paint (extremely flammable);
  • - Organic oxidants and/or peroxides, such as fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers;
  • chlorine, fuels, solvents, acetone and thinners, mercury thermometers.

For travellers, you can also contact the airline you are travelling with directly to ask them the question, to see if they don't have any other products that they specifically ban. You will then be able to inform the requester, so as not to have any unpleasant surprises when boarding.

What if the person to whom you have entrusted your package no longer responds?

Every day, thousands of planes fly to Africa. Take advantage of all these possibilities to send your parcels faster, to the destinations of your choice!

If the traveller no longer gives you any news and your loved ones have not had to pick up a package at the airport, do not hesitate to contact us directly (via the "Contact" section) to let us know about your problem. We will then contact the traveller directly, to find out what he has done with your package and why he is no longer responding to you. Please note, however, that we are only an advertising platform that connects applicants and travellers, so we do not guarantee your packages or the condition in which they will arrive to your family and friends.