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  • The sender and the traveler need to agree together on the payment methods they prefer and the moment the payment will be issued.
  • Nothing could be simpler, you just need to create a new password.
  • Enter the email address used when opening your account, and you will receive a link that will allow you to reset your password.
  • African Post is responsible for exercising extensive control over the members of its community. In order to ensure a quality experience for all our members, we ensure that no illegal exchange is allowed, and that each traveller respects the proper delivery of packages.
    The African Post platform allows you to send and receive parcels within your country, in Africa, France and the rest of the world.
    Any exchange, transport and sending of packages is subject to the rules in the countries of dispatch and receipt of the goods. This excludes for example drugs, narcotics, money and any counterfeit object. In the case of parcel transport by air, it will be subject to airport security rules.
    The law engages your full responsibility for packages and objects in your possession during a journey, it is therefore necessary to pay special attention to this step during your various exchanges.

    To ensure the best experience on African Post, and to improve the quality of our community every day, we invite you to follow these tips:

  • Verify the content of the package together
  • Check that the package conforms to the first description
  • - Reliability of the contact:
    Each member of the AfricanPost community is exposed to a prior verification allowing us to assure the seriousness of all the registered profiles. This is why we pay particular attention to the information provided when opening an account (profile photo, verification of the email address, verification of the contact number, verification of the identity of each profile) .
    Each profile can be evaluated following an exchange of packages, allowing our members to share their experience and strengthen community security.

    - Verification of the goods transported:
    Ask the sender of the package to open the contents of the package to make sure it does not contain anything illegal. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to cancel this transaction, AfricanPost will not charge any fees.

    - Insurance:
    In order to enhance the security of the transporter and the proper delivery of parcels from the shippers, AfricanPost guarantees an insurance contract for each member of the community.

    I am a transporter

    How to become a carrier Each carrier and traveler must be of legal age. You must first register and have your identity verified before you can register your carrier account. (identity verification page)
    The AfricanPost platform facilitates the transport of packages between individuals. To transport the package of one of the members of the community, you have two options :

    - Record an announcement detailing the trip you plan to take. Enter the date of your trip, your city and country of departure, as well as your city and country of arrival. Then enter the number of kilos available in your luggage and your means of tran.
    Respond to the announcement of a community member wishing to ship a package.
    f the package that the sender entrusts to you does not comply with the photos or descriptions that have been communicated to you, we advise you not to accept this delivery.

    Following your report, AfricanPost will contact the sender.

    For any other problem encountered during your parcel transport, you can get help through the Contact Us section.
    The sender of the package is responsible for determining with you the place of delivery of the transported package.
    It is up to you to negotiate the price for taking over the parcel with the sender. AfricanPost determines a floor price of € 3.5. It's up to you to discuss with the sender to determine a satisfactory transport price, taking into account the dimensions of the package or the journey time.
    Yes you can cancel a package transport, just make sure to let know the sender the reason why you canceling.
    We provide third party liability insurance for our users, you should keep in mind that African Post is a free collaborative service. This is why, with each service you provide or use, be sure to verify your identities together during your meeting and to verify the contents of the package together to ensure the safety and trust of the community.


    In order to be able to ensure the delivery of your package, you have two options: - Navigate the "Find a traveler" interface to find out the announcements of carriers from the AfricanPost community. Contact the carrier corresponding to your shipment and detail the contents of your package.
    After contacting the carrier and paying for the delivery, you will receive a "receipt code", which you must provide to the carrier once you have made sure that the package is received and in good condition. . After verifications, the carrier will be able to confirm that your package has been received with your code, and will finalize your transaction
    In order to be able to guarantee the essential security of the AfricanPost community, it is necessary to register and provide the information necessary for the validation of your account in order to be able to get in touch with a carrier.

    Click here to sign up.
    Nothing prevents you! AfricanPost is a platform allowing you to facilitate your exchanges, it is therefore possible for you to make a purchase offer to travellers in the community. For this please contact a traveler via our chat and offer them an offer to purchase the product you want.

    For any problem encountered when sending your package or with your carrier, you can get help through the Contact Us section.
    Using African Post allows you to significantly reduce your shipping costs and ensures fast delivery within 48 hours.
    The level of reliability of a traveler can be verified by consulting his level of verification on his profile, the more the traveler in question will have verified his profile with the different information required by African Post the more his level of reliability will increase.
    If the sender does not show up at the meeting place & does not respond, please notify us at contact@Africanpost.fr
    If the package does not comply with that indicated on the advertisement then you must cancel any service with the person in question.
    If the traveler does not deliver your package on time, please try to contact them first via our online chat.

    If the traveler still does not give any news after the date and time of the agreed appointment for the delivery of the goods, please contact us at contact@Africanpost.f
    Thank you for asking us your question to improve our service, your question will soon be listed in the FAQ for more relevant answers to your questions. Contact Us