About US

Who are we?

AFRICAN POST is a young company founded in 2018. Our offices are located in three different countries: France, England in London and the United States in New York. When we want to send a package to our family and friends, it can quickly become very expensive. We therefore offer our members an alternative, collaborative and solidarity-based solution to reduce these mailing costs, which are always a major investment. So why not take advantage of the air travel of solidarity travellers to transport private parcels at a lower cost and faster?

Through our AFRICANPOST website, we want to create a large community of travellers and individuals who wish to send parcels. Together, they can discuss, come to an agreement and meet to do each other a service. Travellers will be able to recover part of the price of their flight ticket by doing a service for others, who will be able to spoil their loved ones for a cheaper price than with a traditional postal service!


Why did we create AFRICAN POST?

We created AFRICAN POST to strengthen the ties between Africans living around the world and their families, who have remained in Africa. Today, the contact between families living on the African continent and those living on other continents has become very simple with new technologies.Our mission is now to facilitate the exchange of goods and commodities between Africans around the world, in order to increase our knowledge of the African continent. Indeed, by helping the circulation of new technologies, books, new gadgets... this will allow us to have a better vision and understanding of the outside world.

Because, although our activity consists in bringing together individuals who wish to transit goods to Africa and travellers travelling to this continent, we do not consider our AFRICANPOST site as a simple platform for establishing contacts. Our ambition is to promote the collaborative economy in Africa through the transport of parcels between individuals.

Indeed, AFRICAN POST aims to become one of the future major actors in Africa's development. To do this, we have created a humanitarian association called Caisse Continentale Africaine. Through this association, we will help to create and develop jobs throughout the African continent. Thus, by using the services of our AFRICAN POST platform, you also participate directly in this support for Africa!

Pass via Africanpost, an economical solution!

With Africanpost, you can now reduce the cost of transporting your parcels compared to a traditional postal shipment.

You will no longer have to spend a lot of money to send packages to your family and friends in Africa! As a traveller, Africanpost will allow you to amortize the cost of your trip, by transporting packages that will be entrusted to you, for a fee!


The Africanpost platform, an express delivery option!

Every day, thousands of planes fly to Africa. Take advantage of all these possibilities to send your parcels faster, to the destinations of your choice!

In addition, you will contribute to an ecological approach to environmental protection, by taking advantage of an already planned trip to have your package transited. This will significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases associated with shipping your package, protecting the ozone layer of our beautiful Planet Earth!

Africanpost, for the centralization of requests and shipment needs!

On Africanpost are centralized all the announcements of offers and requests for parcel transport. Thus, you will find in a few clicks the solution to your need to send or search for packages, among the multitude of announcements on the site!